Photovoltaic Power Generation

Solar photovoltaic power generation system is generally composed of photovoltaic matrix, combiner box, inverter, AC and DC distribution system, etc. Photovoltaic matrix occupies a large space and is generally placed in buildings or open land. When lightning strikes occur, it is very easy to be damaged by lightning electromagnetic pulse intrusion. In order to avoid economic losses caused by lightning strike and surge, it is the most economical, effective and reasonable protection measure to install surge protectors with hierarchical protection at the front end of each protection equipment and matching energy coordination with the tolerance capacity of the protected equipment and the anti-interference degree of the system.

Chengdu Pedaro Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises in China to conduct research on special surge protector for solar photovoltaic power generation system, and is the first enterprise to obtain TUV photovoltaic surge product certification in China, providing perfect and reliable solutions for photovoltaic equipment manufacturers.