Service Direction

Chengdu Pedaro's remote consulting service can provide high-level and certified professionals to quickly answer your questions and ensure that customers' service requests can be responded to and processed in a timely manner.

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Free service hotline:
After-sale Service

In order to continuously meet the needs of customers and achieve the purpose of high-quality service, our company formulates the following after-sales service rules:

1.If the product has quality problems during the warranty period, our company is responsible for providing free replacement and maintenance services in time.

During the warranty period, paid maintenance services will be implemented under the following circumstances:

(1)Damage caused by man-made or irresistible natural phenomena;

(2)Failure or damage caused by improper operation;

(3)Failure or damage due to transformation, decomposition and assembly of products;

2.After the warranty period, our company will continue to provide lifelong paid maintenance services.

3.After-sales service response time is 48 hours. After after-sales service department receiving the customer's accident notice, the Maintenance Engineer shall arrive at the accident site within the above time, investigate the cause of the accident, eliminate the fault as soon as possible, and submit the analysis report, handling opinions and further rectification measures within 48 hours.

4.Lifelong tracking service.